Live in adventure!

Our greatest adventure is to be alive. 
Reignite your life through my yoga, corporate wellness, and retreats.   **Yoga Adventure Retreats re-starting end of 2021 in USA, Bali, & Santorini, Greece. Sign up for details!

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For Those Who Have Lost their

Spark of Adventure ...

I know feeling uninspired can dull life. If you’re stuck or feeling confined in work/life or unable to  feed your hunger for adventure in the same way as before, I’d love to help! 

Embrace life as a self development adventure.

Reinvigorate your sense of progress and growth to give yourself a gift to feel more alive and fulfilled each and every day. 

When you stretch yourself just enough, big things will happen!

Your World is a Reflection of You

Life & Travel, Redesigned.
Mind, Body, Spirit, & Wellness, Renewed.

Seeking a dynamic approach to transform your world? My programs include:

1. Yoga & Meditation

Develop a powerful mind,. body, and spirit connection within immersive settings.

2. Revitalized Growth

Uplevel your life through greater self-motivation and inspired accountability.

3. Life Adventures

Build courage to regularly adventure outside your comfort zone with like-minded people. 

Hi, I'm Cynthia!

I’ve lived and traveled the world and have a passion for facilitating inspired transformation through creative event and wellness design

My passion is designing inspired experiences. Since 2014, I have organized 150 immersive events, including 5 university study abroad trips and 11 yoga retreats, and am a 500hrs (soon 800) certified yoga teacher. 

My programs can help you create enthusiasm & fulfillment in your daily life and work, so that you can reclaim adventure in your own life. 

“I’ve attended plenty of yoga sessions & large events. And none compared to Cynthia’s session at AFest, a big annual event in the personal growth industry. Not surprised she was voted 4th top ranked session overall out of the 5 days!

Dr. Naomi Dabby, Emergency Medical Physician, US

Let's get Started!

1. 'Live in Adventure' Newsletter

Twice a month, get the latest on how to:

– Join for our next virtual yoga + live music sessions
– Sign up for upcoming live group programs & workshops
– Watch my yoga flows in pristine nature globally
– View photos & drone clips to travel the world from your inbox
– Experience the world via my biannual travel eMagazine 
– Stay tuned for the next retreats end of 2021
– Vote for
2022 retreat locations: US, Bali, Santorini, Maldives, etc!

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2. Corporate Yoga Wellness Programs

Let’s discuss how my programs can help your company (or university!) to:

– Share practical, fun wellness hacks & yoga tips with your employees
Reduce stress while boosting mental clarity & focus
– Elevate creativity to enable breakthroughs & discover solutions
Revitalize screen time to encourage engagement & camaraderie 
– Increase productivity, retention, and lower healthcare costs

3. Yoga Adventure Retreats

Has your bucket list been put on hold due to the pandemic?

Soon again – end of 2021 – you can join one of my popular yoga retreats around the world. Join us soon again – safely! – for what many attendees call, “Some of the BEST travel days of my life!!” 

After 11 retreats across my most favorite islands in the world – Malaysia, Bali, Sri Lanka, Croatia, and Santorini, Greece – I invite you to join me for another one of my hand-crafted experiences with the best luxury accommodations, exquisite food, postcardscenic adventures, meditation + yoga blended with nature, local touches, & original surprises that will make up some of the most transformational & fun moments of your life! 

Email me at or sign up for my newsletter to be the first to find out when the details drop!

“I had a few light bulb moments in areas I was struggling with in my own life. Cynthia’s retreats make me realize what it’s like to have adventure in your life. That was the biggest eye opener – I want to continue moving. I don’t want to be stagnant. If you’re looking for a really great time or after something different outside of your comfort zone, I highly recommend Cynthia!”

Amy Cunningham, Australia/Malaysia, school & yoga teacher, attended 4 retreats in Malaysia, Bali, & Sri Lanka

What do youLive for?

 Discover what magic happens when you have the courage to pursue your own life adventures. 

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