Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard safari boat dhinasha cynthia travels

Maldives Yoga Adventure Retreat on a Liveaboard!

6 Days Sailing Maldives & Island Hopping – next one TBD 2025 or 2026

You’re invited to a once-in-a-lifetime retreat with Cynthia – a big HIT in 2022 & 2023!

This was the first and still the ONLY yoga retreat in Maldives on a liveaboard boat

Soak in the Beauty of your Life

Life & Travel, Redesigned.
Mind, Body, Spirit, & Wellness, Renewed.

This unique “create your own adventure” retreat has been carefully crafted to guide you back to yourself in the most authentically alive way possible, and not just for yoga enthusiasts!

What if you could let yourself enjoy…

1. Epic Memories

To hop aboard a curated island hopping adventure cruising the pristine Maldives, a place many people dream of for their honeymoons? 

2. Renewed Vitality

To re-emerge completely alive again, with a spark in your soul to grow and stretch into feeling oh-so-spacious and deliciously expansive?

3. Fun Community

To meet your kinda tribe, while building exciting friendships and connections with like-minded spirits that extend far past our retreat together?

Check out our 2022 & 2023 adventures!

Video and all drone shots on this site by Camilla Dellion of @camilladellion | camilladellion.com

Just imagine....

Maldives. Aka the ultimate paradise island vacation of your dreams! An exotic tropical nation in the Indian Ocean made up of 1000+ endless spotted islands with endless surreal beaches, blue lagoons, and extensive reefs against the different shades of turquoise.

An all-inclusive full-board (all meals) liveaboard retreat gives us a streamlined experience voyaging into some of the best scenery and adventures Maldives has to offer. Upon landing, we’ll scoop you up onto our liveaboard boat to embark on an unreal yoga, wellness, and adventure vacation island hopping for 6 days

What better way to experience the dreamy gifts this corner of the world can offer than to dip into the silky waters and get a chance to peek at the unreal underwater scene with chances to spot dolphins, sharks, mantas, and endless vibrant fish?

Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard safari boat sandbank yoga dhinasha cynthia travels
Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard fulidhoo beach yoga vaavu atoll

What you can expect...

Start your days with sunrise, meditation and life reflections on the sundeck with expansive sweeping views of the 99% sea nation and its endless islands. No better way to gain perspective than floating on the ocean! 

Some days, we’ll have gentle morning yoga on the sundeck too, and other days, we may hold a more dynamic vinyasa yoga on a beach on a smaller island or sandbank. Like each activity, all classes are optional and for all levels and abilities, no prior experience necessary.

We’ll fuel up on breakfast before heading off for our daily land and sea adventures on different islands, beaches, or surreal snorkel spots. One day we’ll have a chance if you would like to add-on more sea adventures – scuba dive, kayak, or standup paddleboard.

After shuttling back onto our boat, we’ll cruise to a new location – a different kind of island to explore – local, inhabited, uninhabited, a sandbank of raised sand above the water, or a sweet snorkel spot! Some days we’ll have the opportunity for a second yoga session such as a slow flow sunset yoga on top of the boat under the evolving sunset water colors, before dinnertime and winding down. 

And on top of all that...

As a special touch of nature’s gems, we’ll get to visit a few of our own “deserted island” white sandbanks! The perfect paradise playground and photo backdrops of our postcard dreams, as well as opportunities to get more comfortable with snorkeling!

We’ll also be stopping at incredible spots where you can observe the sea life you may have never thought possible – sting rays, nurse sharks, and much more. As well as one of the most incredible above-and-below shipwreck with vibrant coral and fish!

A hit in 2022, Cynthia will bring back an “Amazing Race” team activity to tickle your fun competitive side, sparking a lil excitement to an island with a 25-min walking perimeter! 

This will be the tranquil backdrop of our adventure together with other free-spirited and fun-loving souls like yourself. Expect the invitation to join daily reflection and journaling, inquiry and dreaming, belly laughs and life talks, and so much more! 

Everything is designed so that you can re-envision what makes you come alive and enjoy the life you never knew you were meant to live!

Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard sandbank vaavu atoll cynthia travels sandbank

This is for you if....

Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard safari boat vaavu shipwreck drone

I had a few light bulb moments in areas I was struggling with in my own life. Cynthia’s retreats make me realize what it’s like to have adventure in your life. That was the biggest eye opener – I want to continue moving. I don’t want to be stagnant. If you’re looking for a really great time or after something different outside of your comfort zone, I highly recommend Cynthia!

–  Amy Cunningham, Australia/Malaysia, school & yoga teacher, attended 4 retreats in Malaysia, Bali, & Sri Lanka


Our moving home...

We will live and sail the Maldives on the 92-foot award winning liveaboard yacht. The boat is outfitted with 10 comfortable cabins for 2, each with air-conditioning and an en-suite bathroom with hot water.  There’s plenty of space to mingle with your new friends or retreat to yourself in your room, the spacious sundeck, or common areas. 

On-ship activities include meditation and gentle yoga on the sundeck, international cuisine prepared by our boat’s chef, drinks at the bar (available in Maldives only at resorts designated boat-bars, and some liveaboard boats like ours), with plenty of time for sunbathing, wellness chats, storytime, and evenings after dinner on the “star-deck”!

We’ll be in great hands, as our captains and crew are experienced and developed their love and knowledge of these waters for over the past decades. Our boat also won “Best Fishing Safari” and “Liveaboard Captain of the Year” awards at the Maldives Boating Awards 2017! Get a 360° feel of our unreal sunset yoga experience below:

Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard safari boat sundeck dhinasha cynthia travels

So, why a Liveaboard in Maldives?

Having traveled 70 countries and living around the world, Cynthia’s picked up a bit of an intuition for identifying spaces with tranquil, yet powerful vibes. Where the land and mother nature nurtures powerful group journeys, elevating transformation group wellness retreats to its greatest potential.

No better spot than under this vast open sky, white sand, turquoise waters, twinkling stars, and magic all around. Get ready for inspired interactions, nature-inspired adventures, and compelling stories!

Not convinced? You’ll just have to join us this summer to experience the magic yourself!
And you can check out @cynthiatravels Instagram for more of the fun & snapshots: @cynthiatravels

I recommend Cynthia’s retreat to everyone! Not just a vacation, it’s really a whole transformation of thinking outside of your lens. This retreat is for anyone who needs to widen their perspective in an encouraging place. This is exactly where you will find it.”

–  Karen Wu, USA, Consultant, attended an island retreat in Malaysia

Your All-InclusiveExperience Includes:

Room Details & Pricing Request:

All rooms fit up to 2 people and includes a/c and an en-suite attached private bathroom with hot water. 

With different rooms & pricing tiers, DM me directly or send a request below to get the most updated details: 


Let me know asap if you are interested. 2022 was sold out, including 60% returning attendees from past retreats!

See below for the blueprint of our liveaboard boat home. Not pictured is the sundeck 4th floor above the Upper Deck at the top where you can hang out solo or as a group, meditate, practice yoga, stargaze, and more!

Maldives side retreat liveaboard safari boat dhinasha wide cynthia travels

About Your Host:

From the Chicago area and traveling 70 countries in 7 continents, Cynthia Wong is passionate about creating inspired events to help people design their own authentic dream life.  2024 will bring nearly 20 mostly island yoga adventure retreats across 8 countries and is ecstatic to repeat this retreat as it was such an epic hit in 2022 and 2023. AND it was the very first yoga retreat on a liveaboard boat ever in Maldives! 

Cynthia’s taught across nearly 20 countries for over 3000+ students, of which 200 were outdoors and allowed her to integrate the magic of nature. She has over 500 hours of yoga teacher certifications in Bali in Vinyasa Yoga, Standup Paddleboard Yoga, Pre & Post Natal Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and has further delved into women’s yoga, tantra yoga, shamanic astrology, theta healing and more. 

She also organizes corporate and university wellness sessions, inspired group travel coordination worldwide, and most recently, coaching-consulting yoga teachers and wellness facilitators to design and fill their own dream destination retreats. 

Overall, she loves helping people find a better balance of effort and ease in their life. She’s driven by a desire to discover what magic happens when we live with wild abandon, give without expectation, and love without fear… so that we can all Live in Adventure any day!

Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard cynthia travels @matevaltr

What People Say from Maldives 2022 & 2023:

“My favorite part was just getting onto a boat with an amazing group of people exploring Maldives... And snorkeling with the sharks! Something I never thought would be available toe me because I don't scuba dive. It was so wonderful swimming with them and they were so friendly and kind. It was a special experience!"

Kristan S Cynthia Travels Retreat review
Kirstan S. | Silicon Valley, USA
Surgeon, first retreat with Cynthia

"...This is my second retreat with Cynthia (and coming back for a third) is that she makes everyone feel so welcome. She's so engaging and makes sure everyone is always included.... Something I've learned that I forgot during the pandemic and will take home is to push myself out of my comfort zone. Be open to new experience and new things!"

Josie Loke Maldives Cynthia Travels Retreat review
Josie L. | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Marketing Coordinator, attended Croatia 2018 & Santorini 2021 retreats with Cynthia

“The best part always with Cynthia is that ...it's people first, and then not just a wellness experience or retreat. It's more like a one-time life experience that I don't want to miss because of the people that she keeps attracting into her life. These are the connections you take further into your life forever. ... What will I take away? All the beautiful memories with sharks, manta, sting rays, dolphins. And the laughs, giggles, the connections. And the incredible views we woke up to, the sunsets. Magical! I think we saw a 5-color beautiful sunset on the roof of the boat and I just stopped my yoga practice."

Maddy Maldives Cynthia Travels Retreat review
Maddy D. | India & Singapore
IT Project Manager, also attended Malaysia 2017 retreat

"The part that got me really excited was seeing the wildlife under the water! It's a perspective that's not easy to find, even when you to places famous for it like the Great Barrier Reef - I've seen more diversity and more amazing sea life than anywhere else! Made me feel really alive. ...This is my third retreat with Cynthia so I knew it would be amazing but I had no idea what was in store for us. It's crazy, if she advertises all of the amazing experiences we had, people will be lining up to come to her retreats!"

Gail R. | Dubai & Belgium
Communications Consultant, Podcaster, Singer, also attended Cynthia's Bali 2019 and Santorini 2021 retreats
"Cynthia creates a container for the like-minded people she brings together to bond, holding us all in the most beautiful magical way. Every minute is just sprinkled with some kind of magic dust that she comes up with. Often a surprise you weren't thinking of, a little extra you wouldn't find with anyone else. The calm, patient, joyous manner she takes it. Everything from the yoga to jumping in the water together is extraordinary. She helps find a way to bring you back to your highest self."
Santorini Yoga Retreat Review Testimonial Susie Bayes
Susie B | London & Sydney
Activist, political campaign manager, also attended 2018 Bali Holiday retreat & 2021 Santorini, Greece retreat

"A holiday that can only be described as magical. The retreat was really chill. I loved the pace, grace, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail Cynthia brings. You're part of this 6 day journey, moving from one page to the other, and all of it flows so naturally and elegantly. Cynthia managed to bring the gentleness of the waves into the 6 days she organized for us. I really appreciated how cared for I felt. Cynthia is so special and radiates this energy of ease, happiness, and calm which everyone absorbed. I've taken away to be kinder and more gentle with myself and everyone else.

Maldives Cynthia Travels Retreat review
Biaas S | India
Filmmaker, writer, producer, first retreat with Cynthia

Sneak Peek from 2022 & our Boat!

And you can always go @cynthiatravels Instagram for more of the fun & snapshots: @cynthiatravels

Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard safari boat vaavu shipwreck snorkel
Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard cover cynthia travels vaavu fulidhoo sting ray sharks
Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard safari boat dhinasha luxury rooms
Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard sundeck sunset yoga cynthia travels
Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard safari boat dhinasha common area cynthia travels
Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard safari boat dhinasha sunset yoga fulidhoo vaavu cynthia travels
Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard safari boat dhinasha wide cynthia travels
Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard safari boat dhinasha cynthia travels
Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard safari boat dhinasha cabin rooms
Maldives yoga retreat liveaboard safari boat dhinasha new bathroom

And you can always go to @cynthiatravels Instagram for more of the fun & snapshots: @cynthiatravels

Interested? Next Steps:

Don’t wait! Lock in your spot today. You don’t want to miss your chance to secure one of the limited spots for this unique Maldives islands adventure! 

Look forward to hearing from you and bringing together the best tribe for the next epic adventure in nature with an extra special twist. 

Any questions?  DM me, email cynthia@cynthiatravels.com, or feel free to reach out to discuss more. I promise I don’t bite! 


A few of the most frequent questions answered here!

Nonsense, no such thing! We always have a variety in our group – both new to experienced, beginner to advanced – to both meditation and yoga. Wherever you are at is perfect 🙂

MLE – Male, Maldives airport. And we will pick you up! While we know there are not many flights, please arrive on July 24th during the first half of the day, and depart anytime starting afternoon on July 29th. 

All tourists receive a free 30-day visa. An online health form completed within 96 hours before departure may still be required. We will also have extra at-home kids on hand if needed.

Hot and tropical! Average highs of 30.4°C / 86.7°F, and average lows of 25.6°C / 78.1°F.

The sea temperature also rises to 29°C / or 84°F, making it pleasant for swimming and other water activities.

The wet season in Maldives is May-Oct, with October being the wettest month. Normally when it rains, it will be a short passing shower and often a light hoodie or rain jacket will be handy. 

We require a 35% deposit to lock in your spot and price. Or you may pay full payment all at once.

Any outstanding payment is due by May 24th, 60 days prior.

The early bird is our discount, limited spots only 🙂

Our cancellation policy is flexible and outlined below: 

  • Up to 76 days before arrival: free cancellation and return of deposit, minus a $200 admin fee, up to May 9th. 
  • No refunds are possible 75 days or less, May 10th or after.
  • However, your spot is is 100% transferrable to another attendee if you are no longer able to make it. The original attendee is responsible for finding their replacement, and will connect him/her to Cynthia who holds the decision to confirm the replacement. 

If you unfortunately test positive for covid prior to the retreat, or have to remain home last minute to be a caretaker for a family member, we can transfer the amount of the retreat payment towards another retreat with Cynthia, valid up to 2 years. Any difference in fees will apply.

Sure! Here’s a site with additional testimonials compiled from some of Cynthia’s past retreats across the world. 

What People Say from Past Retreats:.

“This past week was surreal to me... the entire experience just exceeded any expectations I could have had. Cynthia's retreats cater to people of all walks of life without any judgement.” 

Jill Getz Cynthia Travels Retreat review
Jill Getz
USA, trader, consultant, & entrepreneur, attended Bali Christmas 2018 retreat

"...Cynthia's retreats are for anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone, & also looking to meet people on a different level. They're so much more than just yoga & adventure."

Pat McConnell - cynthia travels retreats review
Pat McConnell
USA, professional trip guide, yoga teacher, & web developer, attended Sri Lanka 2019

"As someone who had never done yoga before, it was the highlight! ... And an activity visualizing my ideal life will help me be more practical & tactical in achieving my goals."

Dev Sethi Cynthia Travels Retreat review
Dev Sethi
USA, consultant & web developer, attended Bali April 2018 & Santorini 2021 retreats

Inquire about our next one!

Want first dibs on the 3rd Maldives retreat in mid-2025 or 2026? Complete the form below or email cynthia@cynthiatravels.com.

Feel free to check out additional retreats and past reviews!

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